I.C.P OSA - Ocular Surface Analyser for Dry Eye

  • Multi-functional – Quantitative analysis & diagnosis of Lipid, Aqueous & Mucin deficiency
  • Meibomian Gland Imaging - Automated detection – Analysis - Classification of MG Dysfunction (MGD)
  • Analysis of Tear Break Up Time: Non-invasive or with fluorescein staining
  • Measurement & Grading of Lipid Layer Thickness & stability by evaluation of interference fringes
  • Tear Meniscus analysis, quantification & categorisation
  • Evaluation of corneal integrity, warpage & distortion
  • Comprehensive easy to understand reports with comparison to normal of all examinations for DED
  • Compact/Portable Slit Lamp Mountable device

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ICP OSA Ocular Surface Analyser

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