IDRA Ocular Surface Analyser for Dry Eye

IDRA is the new instrument of individual analysis of tear film that allows to do a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition. Research on all the layers: Lipid, Aqueous, Mucin.

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Idra Brochure
Idra Brochure

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  • Key Features
  • Auto Interferometry Test
  • 3D Meibography
  • Autonibut (Evaluation of tear film break-up time breaking map frame by frame)
  • Eye Blink Detection
  • Tear Meniscus-Heigh (Evaluation of the tear film quantity. up to 5 values)
  • Blepharitis Examination without additional lens
  • BUT Test - Stainning Test
  • White to White Measurement
  • Pupillometry