• Advanced operation
  • Accurate measurement
  • Flexible and space-saving design
  • Practical and user-friendly features
  • Network configuration with high flexibility

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Nidek AR-F ARK-F Brochure
Nidek AR-F ARK-F Brochure

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Nidek AR-F ARK-F


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  • Key Features

Remarkably easy workflow through fully‐automatic measurement

  • Simply by placing the chin on the chinrest, NIDEK eye detection camera automatically detects the position of the eyes and measurement starts without pressing any button. Gentle voice guidance facilitates smooth measurement for any operator.

Selectable and intuitive manual operation

  • Manual measurement using the large, durable 7.0-inch touch screen is also possible with the ARK-F/AR-F. Alignment is easily achieved by simply long-pressing a position on the screen and an icon. Clearly identifiable icons assure intuitive operation. Moreover, a newly designed hand-held control and tablet control software are available as options that increase operator freedom and productivity.

Large pupil zone imaging method

  • The large pupil zone imaging method enables the measurement of wider area refraction up to 6 mm diameter and can indicate the difference between the wide area refraction and central area refraction of up to 3.5 mm diameter.

Super luminescent diode and highly sensitive CCD

  • Incorporation of the super luminescent diode (SLD) provides a sharper and clearer image compared to a conventional LED. The highly sensitive CCD detects the ring image even if the fundus reflection is weak.

Keratometry measurement with mire ring (available for the ARK‐F)

  • The mire ring is used to measure keratometry. It reduces eyelid artifacts.

NIDEK eye detection camera (NEDC)

  • When the device recognizes that the patient's chin is correctly positioned on the chinrest, the new NIDEK eye detection camera (NEDC) automatically starts eye detection. Since NEDC holds eye position, faster and more precise alignment is possible without wasted adjustment time.

Large tilt and swivel monitor

  • Since the screen can be continuously tilted and swivel, the ARK-F/AR-F can be placed anywhere in an examination area. Flexible layout and space saving design contribute to improved productivity and efficiency.