The Henson 7000 is a uniquely robust and portable central visual field screener.

Designed to suit the constraints of the small consulting room or the mobile nature of domiciliary practice, the portable, durable Henson 7000 brings complete flexibility to glaucoma screening.

Standard, single stimulus suprathreshold screening tests are available, along with faster, patient-preferred, multiple stimulus versions, completely unique to the Henson range. Henson screening programs also give operators the flexibility to customise screening by re-testing missed stimuli and/or extending patterns in-test to rule out false positives with a new level of confidence.

Quick and easy-to-use, the Henson 7000 enables eye care professionals to detect glaucoma with a high degree of specificity.

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Hensdon 7000 Perimeter
Hensdon 7000 Perimeter

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Hensdon 7000 Perimeter

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  • Key Features
  • Speed and accuracy: multiple stimulus tests are faster than single stimulus tests, preferred by patients and subject to fewer response errors.
  • Customisation: flexible test options are available to ensure specificity.
  • Efficiency: multiple stimulus screening takes <60 seconds per eye.
  • Ease of use: easily operable by all levels of optical staff.
  • Durability: manufactured using robust, low maintenance solid-state electronics.
  • Size: ergonomic design makes it ideal for space-constrained environments.
  • EMR compatibility: ensures streamlined practice management.