• A choice of 14D and 20D Bio lenses or 78D and 90D Slitlamp Lenses.
  • Following the tradition of High Quality Japanese-made premium lenses
  • All the aspherical lenses are extremely comfortable to use, and just fit snugly into everybodys hand.
  • Adopting the aplanat design ensures image with even illumination and low aberration all the way out to the edge of the lens.
  • Creates clear and bright images, wider effective diameters. The multilayer coating on each lenses greatly reduce reflections, undistorted peripheral visual field.
  • All lenses have easy-to-hold high quality machined Aluminium lens frames.
  • Excellent working distance, wider field of view, sharp images that work best with slit lamps, comfort ensured during lengthy use, reflections eliminated by multilayer coating.
  • Lens case included with each lens.

Righton Aspheric Lens

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