• Refractor arm
    It is counterbalanced and will accommodate any refractor. The one-position lock system will lock up/down and rotation of the arm and the arm head.
  • Chart projector arm (option)
    The ball socket provides for easy adjustment of the direction for the chart projector.
  • Sliding table
    It supports two instruments which are automatically activated when it is positioned in front of the patient. The height extension up to 60 mm is possible (option). The chin rest bracket for two instruments is supplied as standard accessory. The safety stopper protects the patient’s knees from excessive chair rising. The power supply for primary and secondary voltages are prepared on the both sides and top of table. The intensity control knob for slit lamp is also prepared on the side of table aligned with magnetic lock release button.
  • Swinging table
    The magnetic lock system for swinging table is provided and works in about 5 seconds after the release button on the side of table is pressed. This lock can anytime be released if the release button is pressed again or the main power turns off.
  • Instrument control panel
    Efficient central control panel provides for head lamp intensity, chair up/down and auto release for smooth down, on / off switches for chart projector and aux. instrument, and main power switch. Two rechargeable wells are prepared for Hand-held instruments.
  • Chair
    The chair elevation with electric hydraulic system can be controlled by either the foot switch (option) or the switch on the control panel. Single touch of the auto release switch lets the chair slowly down to the lowest position. The back seat with gas spring system allows to recline up to 170°. 360°chair rotation is possible. The demountable chair base allows versatile installation.

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